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Although we strive for delivery in the shortest period possible, please allow 2 to 3 days for your delivery.

You can create an account by visiting the My Account tab.

When logged in to your Account, go to Address and update your address there. Always make sure your Address is current.

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We always make an effort that all your items are in one package but in the event that this is not possible the courier company will notify you. 

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You can read our Refund & Returns policy here.

Reach out to us via our different methods of communication by visiting our Contact Us page. 

Notify us immediately by also sending a photo to info@mgclothing.co.za.

Our consultant will provide you will all the details you need should you need to return your item/s.

You can visit our Contact Us page for ways to reach us.

Notify us immediately on orders@mgclothing.co.za or use our other communication methods. 

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